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Fun Things To Do In Cokkeville TN

Cookeville, Tennessee is a unique small town that offers an upscale fashion and delicious culinary creations. It’s also home to music lovers as well as hidden murals throughout the city! A perfect weekend getaway from Nashville includes visiting this beautiful area along with nearby towns like Monterey or Crossville if you have time on your hands too while making sure not leave without trying some of their world class BBQ at one central location


Where to eat in Cookeville TN


Poets Coffee

The next time you find yourself in quaint, small-town America take a break from your busy life to enjoy some coffee and breakfast at Poet’s Coffee. Watch as cars go by on State Street while sipping an Americano or espresso drink pregnancy cravings away with their selection of teas including herbal tea leaves that are perfect for iced drinks during these hot summer days! If it is lunchtime then head over The Bagel Cafe where they have choices ranging all day long – try one Avo Bagels topped off w/sausage & Provolone cheese along side cranberry sauce if desired; Or order up something fresh.


Cream City Ice Cream and Coffee House

Cream City Ice Cream and Coffee House is the perfect spot to satisfy your sweet tooth while exploring downtown Cookeville. You’ll find many unique flavors, like peanut butter cup or Tennessee fudge; they also offer milkshakes made with freshly whipped cream! This coffee house has something that will suit any taste: Affogatos (a Italian term meaning married together), sundaes in addition to traditional ice cold cones for those hot summer days when you’re feeling under-the weather–it’s got all of our approvals so far anyway 😉


Seven Senses Food and Cheer

Whether it’s a quick lunch or family dinner, Seven Senses has you covered. The menu features American-style food with fresh ingredients that are all made in house! Start off by trying their signature fried pickles (a must for sure), poached shrimp cocktail & boneless chicken wings before moving onto salads such as bistro chicken tortilla wrap filled FAUX crispy tacos – now those taste like heaven thanks to the homemade seasoned crumbs coating them nicely; then there’s also Nashville meatloaf which happens to be one our favorites around these parts because not only does this dish come packed full flavor but its topped off perfectly thanks an amazing parmesan mashed potato.



Step into a time machine and step away from the weekends full of manic Monday’s. Head to Crawdaddy’s where they serve up New Orleans-inspired cuisine like crawfish etouffee, jambalaya or gumbo with local beer options for those who prefer their drinks cold (and refreshing). events include Sunday brunch featuring live jazz music while you eat your fill off indicative dishes such as seafood stew topped off by an oyster shooter made fresh on site every morning; there are also special performances throughout each week


Father Tom’s Pub

Father Tom’s Pub is the perfect place to enjoy a drink or three with friends while soaking up classicpub atmosphere. Savor large sandwiches, fish ‘n’ chips, signature quesadillasand The Bernie Mac – house made white cheddar mac and cheese topped off by hot chicken! The menu opens at 11 am every day but Tuesday evenings when they’re open until 10 pm–so come early if you want some good food before it sells out!


Things To Do In Cookeville TN


The Market On The Square

The Market on the Square is a shopper’s paradise with food, condiments and kitchen decor. venture downstairs for cute home décor as well! Here you can get all your holiday shopping done at one stop shop


Shopping In Downtown Cookeville TN

When you’re done shopping, stop by one of the cute boutiques in downtown Pittsburgh. Start at 31 Twenty-Five Boutique where they have many items that will make your heart beat faster and keep them entertained for hours! You can then go on to Cigi’s with its great selection or head over near West Side Cultural District before finishing up here so as not miss any potential purchases while exploring this area too – there are tons more chic places just waiting around every corner!.


Cookeville TN Depot Museum

The Depot Museum in Cookeville is aavin’ it’s home to so much Tennessee Central Railway history! You’ll be able explore the many artifacts from thisrailroad and its passengers. The museum has two steam engines, one caboose dating back decades ago as well 2 track cars that were used by workers on-site or repairing tracks just like they did more than 50 years ago when these pieces of equipment were in use


Outdoor Experience

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure in the U confines of Tennessee, look no further than Outdoor Experience. With everything from kayaks and canoes to hiking boots available here at an affordable price – it’s hard not finding what your heart desires!


Docwood Park

The best way to enjoy this area is with a picnic in one of the many gardens or on one of their walking trails. With plenty more places for kids, it’s also great if you’re traveling here with children! You’ll find imaginative playgrounds and water features during summertime that will keep them happy while they wait out those hot hours until sunset time returns again next day – all thanks to our amazing cityscape murals too; there are tons around town so make sure not miss any when taking photos between outings 🙂


Red Silo Brewing Company

The days of beer being a boring, stagnant beverage are over. Red Silo Brewing Company is making sure that your taste buds never have an uninspired moment with their small batch beers and unique flavors you can’t find anywhere else! Come down to the brewery for live music on our patio or enjoy some drinks inside while watching people pass by outside through those large windows – it’s like they’re right here in person (and we know because sometimes even locals stop out). So what will be playing today? You’ll just need ask us; after all this time spent together drinking great suds at one place…we might as well giveaway something!!!


Tennessee Legend Distillery

Visit Tennessee Legend Distillery for a taste of the good life in downtown Cookeville. Come escape to this location with friendly bartenders and try their signature cocktails made from locally-sourced ingredients, all while learning more about what makes our state so great!


Plus These Super Cumberland Hot Spots While You Are Here


Bee Rock Mountery

The views of the Tennessee Mountains are incredible, and there’s no better way to see them than by hiking Bee Rock. The hike up may be short but you’ll want for nothing on this beautiful afternoon with its pristine nature sounds filling your ears as well!.


Monterey Depot Museum

Visit the Monterey Depot Museum and learn about early settlers, Native American history from a local’s perspective. You can also find out what makes this small town so special with stories on how it was once known as “The Little Big One.”


Brew Coffee Shop And Boutique

The cute coffee shop with the most amazing dress options is now open! The Lovely Brew Coffee Shop & Boutique has been a coveted spot in town for years, and they’ve finally opened their doors to us at long last. They offer casual fashion-forward pieces from dresses to tops as well as jewelry that you can’t help but steal for your next event or just because it’s exquisite style deserves space on everyone’s wrist (and neck). Grab yourself some delicious food—breakfast items include bagels sandwiches made fresh each morning featuring turkey bacon cheddar cheese plus power bowls filled’ll chicken meat quinoa guacamole salsa black beans cornbread


Muddy Pond Amish Community

The winding, country roads from Monterey to Muddy Pond are full of scenic views and delicious food. If you’re looking for some great places to eat or buy handmade items then this is the place! You’ll love exploring all that our area has in store; there’s plenty more than just Amish-Mennonite communities here too – we’ve got beautiful natural scenery as well history dating back centuries ago when these buildings were first established because they made their homes near lakeshore areas where water transport was easier than over land travel .


4th Of July Events in Upper Cumberland


Freedom Fest Monterey

The Old Gray’s new event, Freedom Fest is an awesome opportunity to enjoy live music and fireworks. The venue has 75 acres where you can go for two days of great events with your friends or family! For just $35 per person on Friday night there will be a special show ending in gorgeous skies over Tennessee (plus if it rains they have other indoor activities). There are plenty vendors around that sell delicious food too so make sure not miss out by buying tickets now before these gets sold-out!!
A BBQ cook off takes place Saturday afternoon starting between 3pm – don’t forget about our amazing performances by some talented musicians


Freedom Fishing and Fireworks Baxter

The band LEGACY will be providing music during Freedom, Fishing and Fireworks at Twin Lakes Catfish Farm on July 3rd. The event starts with family-friendly fun starting at 6:30 p.m.; live performances by the group beginning around 7pm until fireworks Display start time of 9 pm!


Red White and Broom Cookeville TN

Cookeville knows how to put on a show for America’s independence through its variety of activities. The classic car cruise-in, parade and patriotic program are just some examples! Then there’s the 2nd largest fireworks display in Tennessee which lights up this great country at night with stunning effect – don’t miss it!!


Cookeville TN Summary

Cookeville and nearby towns are some of the best small city to visit in America. With shopping, fun murals (you’ll find one that is especially kid-friendly), memorable food options like cotton candy at a local festival or funnel cake when you walk down any street on your trip – it’s hard not be excited by this area! There’s also plenty more where that came from: outdoor activities such as hiking through breathtaking scenery; family friendly attractions including an aquarium so realistic its floor will make even adults amazed!!
A quick internet search may give us ideas for things do around here besides just visiting historic landmarks all day long